Yayasan Information

In March 2004, Yayasan Goodwill International International left the premises of ICAC and now operates from a small house in Jakarta Selatan, which gives us enough space for administration, training and meetings. Yayasan Goodwill International International operates with a single salaried employee who reports to the Chairman of the Yayasan.  There are three groups of officials. The Pengurus, who form the executive committee and who exercise day to day executive responsibilities through the Administration staff; one Pengawas who supervises the reporting, accounting and legal affairs of the Yayasan; and Pembinas (the Founders or Commissioners) who appoint the Pengawas and Pengurus and who approve annual reports of the Yayasan.


Mr Sapta Putri Yadi – Chairman of Pegurus   Indonesian; based in  Jakarta). Sapta is a long time volunteer instructor for Goodwill and is a senior HR professional, and assumed the Chairman’s role following Julie Marsaban’s departure to Australia

Mrs Mien Wibowo – Programme Administrator (Jakarta based Indonesian).    ICAC (the mother organisation of this Yayasan) was the first social organization that Mien worked for as volunteer, and there she taught Indonesian to  foreign expatriates living with their families in Jakarta. She has recently been a Pengurus but is now devoting her time as the Administrator of the programme

Mrs Brigitta Imam-Rahayoe – Pengawas (Jakarta based Indonesian).  Brigitta is managing partner at a leading international law firm focussing on infrastructure financing, debt restructuring, corporate acquisitions and commercial transactions.  

Mrs Retno (Hendrastuti) Soebagio  – Secretary Pengurus (Jakarta based Indonesian) Retno has worked for various departments/ministries as a consultant in communication, and for for Universitas Paramadina also in a PR communications role.

Mr Jati Wismadoro – Treasurer Pengurus (Jakarta based Indonesia). Jati is a former recipient of a Goodwill Scholarship.  He is now working with Ernst & Young in the Jakarta Stock Exchange and a Senior in their International Tax department, and is the first Alumni to hold an office in the Yayasan

Mrs Sri Lienau – Pembina (US based Indonesian; ICAC’s Community Services Coordinator from 1990-2002, and the founder of and driving force behind the original Student Scholarship scheme).  Sri Lienau worked as the ICAC Community Services Coordinator for 12 years, and provided the initial idea for the Scholarship Program.  She started an independent neighbourhood scholarship project for younger students in 1986, and developed a pre-school & healthcare program for a Jakarta scavenger community in 2000.  Also in 2000, she co-founded, and in 2000 – 2003 chaired, Srikandi, an association of Indonesian Women in Multi Cultural Marriages, and developed an advocacy network to change discriminatory Indonesian residency laws (Aliansi Pelangi Antar Bangsa or Multi National Rainbow Alliance.   She served as the Supervisor for the International Play center in Jakarta, a parent-cooperative pre-school, from 1985-1988.  She has been married to Denny Lienau since 1974, and has three daughters and a son in law in the US.  Sri moved to the Washington D.C. area in July 2003.  Sri graduated from the University of Indonesia, majoring in History and obtaining a Doctorandus degree.

Mrs Cathy Weenk – Pembina (Canadian); formerly ICAC Community Services committee member. She graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, majoring in Marketing.  After 7 months in Finland she pursed a career in marketing and sales in the shopping center and pharmaceutical industry in Canada. In 1990 she moved to Indonesia, where she worked for a variety of FMCG companies, holding senior positions in Sara Lee Indonesia, Clorox Asia Pacific, and PT. Ceres. In 2003 Cathy moved to  Shanghai with her husband Pat and their 3 children, and now resides in Canada.

The Yayasan’s registration and contact data
Yayasan Goodwill International International is registered as a charity under Notarial Deed #42 dated 12th March 2004 approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights No. C.03161HT.01.01TH2004.  Yayasan Goodwill International holds accounts at HSBC and BNI.  Office Address; Jl. Alam Raya 2 Block C3 No. 14 Puri Gading, Jati Warna, Bekasi Indonesia:   Tel/Fax +62895-3505-46246


The Board and Trustees of Yayasan Goodwill International would like to reiterate their appreciation of what the late Mrs. Mizue and Mr. Pepe Hara both contributed to the Programme and for the dedication they showed to the students in the many years that they were associated with the Yayasan. 

To honor and remember Mizue and Pepe, Goodwill now uses the name “the Mizue and ‘Pepe’ Hara Orientation Day” for this first and most important event in the Annual Goodwill calendar, which is currently held at the National Museum.

After their death last year, the high attendance of many Alumni and members of the local and international communities at the various commemoration events arranged in June 2010 to celebrate their lives was a testament to the respect and admiration that past and present students and the Jakarta community had for them.

At the main tribute event,  held at the International School Jakarta, donations were elicited for a Family Tribute Fund administered by the Hara children, Chiro, Mizuho and Chisato in honour of their parents, and which was described at that time and at the event as being collected for the benefit the Yayasan Goodwill scholarship programme.

Whilst all other donations made by the Japanese Community and many individuals have long since been gratefully received by Yayasan Goodwill, this Family Tribute Fund remains open,  until such time as the Hara children feel it timely and appropriate to close the fund and to disburse the money that was collected.