Wishu Hardi

Wishnu’s father retired from the state radio agency since 1981; his mother is a homemaker. Before receiving a Goodwill scholarship Wishnu worked  as a freelance  translator to fund his living expenses and received free tuition, by working as an administration assistant of the library department at his school. Wishnu graduated in 2005. 

“For some, joining Goodwill’s Leadership Program is an opportunity. But for me, joining Goodwill is the best gift that I ever had. It is a fact that sponsors, Goodwill’s staff, and other Goodwill students have transformed me to be a better and more educated person. I have gained many experiences during participation in Goodwill’s various activities, and realise that finishing my undergraduate education is not the end. It is a start to make some other achievements in my life. Since I joined Goodwill 3 years ago, I got new energy that is motivating, encouraging, enlightening, as well as raising my optimism about the way how to survive in life. It is because of Goodwill’s significant contribution, that I have passed my final theses examination and finally accomplished my study.”