Message from Yayasan Goodwill International's immediate past Chairman

This is the message from Mrs Hara, then Chairman of the Yayasan in 2009, on the occasion of the Yayasan’s Tenth Anniversary

Each year, Yayasan Goodwill International holds the Special Training at Kinasih as part of its Leadership Training Program. The annual two-day training is organized and run entirely by a committee of student volunteers; Yayasan Goodwill International provides the budget and only offers support and advice if needed. It is an excellent learning opportunity for committee members, particularly in utilizing their newly acquired communication and management skills.

Today’s anniversary event continues in this tradition: It was also organized by a group of volunteers, but this one comprised current students and alumni, with the latter from both Yayasan Goodwill International and its predecessor, the ICAC program.

From the theme to the agenda, from the catering to the souvenirs, and to this booklet, all that you experience today are a culmination of the individual skills and talents of the Anniversary Committee. They are also the result of a six-month team effort since the committee’s establishment in April.

While Yayasan Goodwill International monitored the committee’s progress, another big difference is the funding for this event: The Anniversary Committee raised independent funds to realize their vision for this event. We must not forget that they devoted their time and energy to this task while maintaining other commitments: to their studies and work, as well as to seeking jobs.

This memorable occasion of our five-year anniversary – and the Leadership Development Scholarship Program’s 10th anniversary – is thus marked by an event that represents the very principles upon which Yayasan Goodwill International was founded.

I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations to the Anniversary Committee, for their initiative and unflagging enthusiasm in producing this special event.

And on behalf of Yayasan Goodwill International, I invite you all – sponsors, instructors, university representatives, founders & executives, staff, students and alumni – to join together in marking our achievements through the years. It is your faith, generosity and spirit that have made Yayasan Goodwill International not only possible, but also successful.

This celebration belongs to us all. 

Mizue Hara – 2009