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Congratulatory Message for the 10th Anniversary of Yayasan Goodwill International

As a lecturer who is also appointed to handle student affairs, I have been involved in dealing with problems faced by students including the matters of difficulties in fulfilling funding for tuition fees and covering their daily needs. I was then introduced to ICAC (and later Yayasan Goodwill International) ten years ago, when our university was offered a scholarship scheme for bright and smart but unfortunate (in terms of family income) students.

From the beginning, I noticed that the scheme offered by this scholarship program is distinct from the others. The scholarship does not only provide financial support.

Moreover, students have opportunities to learn soft skills and life skills which are useful for them now and in the future, including leadership and public speaking training, improving English proficiency, get-together activities and also learning the key to success from other peoples. Recipient students have shown their strong motivation to finish their study with great achievements in their academics and extracurricular activities. I hope the program will be sustainable.

Our sincere gratitude to the committee and also the sponsors. Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of Yayasan Goodwill International.

Best regards,


Beasiswa yang diberikan oleh Yayasan Goodwill International sangat membantu mahasiswa UI, tidak hanya dalam aspek finansial saja tetapi juga dalam mengembangkan soft skill mahasiswa.

Sehingga diharapkan mampu membangun karakter mahasiswa sebagai generasi penerus.

A Dream Fulfilled

Mizue loves to study. Her lifetime dream was to obtain a university diploma in psychology, but she unfortunately couldn’t do this in Japan.

In 1998, during the political and financial crises of Indonesia, Mizue decided to stay in Indonesia to fulfill her responsibilities at various organizations, while her husband had to close the Jakarta representative office of the company where he had worked for 33 years and go back to Japan to find a new job. I think that my wife’s passion in studying the Indonesian culture had made her want to stay and doing something useful for Indonesian society.

It took 8 months until they were reunited in Indonesia in the year 2000, when she had found an once-in-a-lifetime dream job for her husband at the Jakarta Japanese School. When her husband’s contract with the Japanese school ended in 2003, she urged that they stay in this country for good.

Since that time, she has succeeded in leading the scholarship program for Indonesian students who were facing many challenges in pursuing their studies. The program was then run by the International Community Activity Center (ICAC), and now under Yayasan Goodwill International.

Her 10-year journey with Yayasan Goodwill International has been exciting and blessed with many generous sponsors and excellent students.

In volunteering and dedicating herself to this program, she has indeed realized a life-long dream.

 Yasuo Hara

Kesan dan Pesan Untuk Yayasan Goodwill International

Saat pertama kali diminta membantu berbagi pengalaman ke adik-adik mahasiswa yang terpilih di program beasiswa Yayasan Goodwill Indonesia (GoodwilI) tanpa ragu-ragu langsung saya terima. Hal ini terutama terdorong berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi dan pengamatan terhadap “fresh graduate” selama karir saya di bidang manajemen SDM. Kelemahan utama sarjana tamatan perguruan tinggi di Indonesia terutama pada lemahnya dasar-dasar pengetahuan dan ketrampilan mengenai perilaku saat akan memasuki dunia kerja dan di tempat kerja.

Pembekalan sejak dini oleh Goodwill mengenai hal tersebut akan banyak membantu proses adaptasi mereka ke lingkungan kerja dan tentu saja keberhasilan dalam karir nantinya. Pada dasarnya pintar saja tidak cukup.

Berbagi pengalaman dan pengetahuan merupakan sesuatu yang sangat menyenangkan karena hal ini merupakan kesempatan untuk mengamalkan ilmu dan pengetahuan yang yang telah diperoleh agar juga dapat bermanfaat buat orang lain. Banyak pertanyaan-pertanyaan bagus yang diajukan selama sesi-sesi yang saya lakukan yang juga memperkaya pengetahuan saya mengenai cara berfikir manusia dan juga mendorong diri saya sendiri untuk selalu banyak belajar dan membaca.

Sifat kritis yang ditunjukkan para generasi penerus ini memberi harapan akan masa depan bangsa Indonesia yang lebih baik. Saya berharap mereka semua nantinya berperan besar dalam membangun negeri tercinta ini. Untuk itu semua yang terpilih mengikuti program Goodwill ini saya harapkan dapat memanfaatkan semua kesempatan yang ada untuk meningkatkan kualitas diri dan tentu saja hal tersebut dapat dicapai jika diikuti dengan sepenuh hati, bukan semata-mata karena mendapatkan beasiswanya.

Salam sukses buat penyelenggara Goodwill dan tentu saja semua mahasiswa pilihannya.

Deputy Rector of Student & Alumni Relations (2002-2007)

Yayasan Goodwill International – atau yang dahulu kami kenal dengan nama ICAC – merupakan salah satu mitra Universitas Indonesia yang memberikan beasiswa bagi mahasiswa UI yang berprestasi namun membutuhkan bantuan biaya pendidikan. Beasiswa Goodwill ini sangat membantu baik bagi mahasiswa penerima maupun bagi UI selaku institusi.

Saya memiliki kesan tersendiri terhadap Para Pengelola Beasiswa Goodwill, mulai dahulu Ibu Sri Linau hingga sekarang Ibu Mizue Hara bersama Bapak Ibu seluruh Donor Beasiswa. Saya melihat ada rasa cinta yang besar dari beliau semua terhadap para mahasiswa penerima yang mendasari pemberian beasiswa. Berbagai training yang diberikan kepada para mahasiswa penerima dan atmosfir kekeluargaan yang terasa sangat kuat diantara Pemberi dan Penerima Beasiswa sungguh berguna sekali bagi-bagi para mahasiswa penerima dan juga kami para Pimpinan Perguruan Tinggi.

Saya doakan Yayasan Goodwill International terus maju dan dapat mendukung proses belajar mahasiswa di Perguruan Tinggi.

At the time of the Asian financial crisis that affected Indonesia at the end of the 1990s many people, both Indonesians and expatriates, were very concerned for the future of Indonesia. How could we contribute towards creating a pool of skilled and ethical human resources that the country so greatly needed? The idea for a scholarship program for gifted but needy university students who would become future leaders of Indonesia was born.

I have been involved in a small way since the beginning of the program when it was under the auspices of ICAC (International Community Activity Center) and later when it became a foundation, Yayasan Goodwill International.

On this 10th anniversary of the program, I would like to say to the founders and current organizers of the program: Congratulations on all of your efforts in running the program and helping so many deserving young people! To the alumni and current students in the program: I am so proud of you!

When interviewing applicants for the program I have often been deeply touched by their stories and the difficult circumstances they have had to cope with. They came to their selection interviews feeling nervous and unsure of themselves, hoping for a chance to complete thair studies. When meeting the same students one or two years later I have been delighted to see how much they have grown in self-assurance, speaking English more confidently and with new skills to help them achieve their goals, all thanks to the Yayasan Goodwill International training program.

I hope that Yayasan Goodwill International will continue to help students in the future and that the alumni of the program will truly give their best for their country.

A message from a mentor

Congratulations Yayasan Goodwill International Scholarship recipients, alumni, staff and volunteers on the occasion of the double celebration – the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Leadership Scholarship by ICAC, and the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Yayasan Goodwill International.

It was 10 years ago when Mrs. Sri Lienau asked me to give the first training on proposal writing, and then over the years it expanded to include Marketing Research, Team Building and Leadership, CV Writing, Community Service and Gender Awareness, amongst others.

Whatever the subject, I did not just “instruct”, but served as a mentor. I shared the philosophy of life on how to become good global citizens and importantly how to think for oneself – how to think critically. This is different to criticizing or judging others. Critical thinking demands that you assess the information presented to you and ask the question: is this true? Is this absolutely true? Or is it just an opinion? Is it culturally biased? I hope I had imparted to the students the ability to distinguish between what is true and what is false; and what is right and what is wrong. Think about it…

It has been a privilege to be a part of the development of our future leaders, and I hope to be able to continue. It is not only the students who are learning – my teaching philosophy is “I teach, I learn” – the more we share, the more we learn and grow.

My thanks to Yayasan Goodwill International for the opportunity to share and be a part of shaping Indonesia’s future leaders.

The future starts today… seize the day.

Julie Marsaban