Message from Sponsors and Supporters

My name is Tish O’Dwyer and I’m vice-chairwoman of the British Women’s Association (BWA) Social Welfare Committee and also work on Social Welfare for the St. Patrick’s Society in Jakarta.

I first got involved with Yayasan Goodwill International when I joined the BWA Social Welfare Committee in 2003. I had no idea exactly what they did until I went to one of their gatherings and at once fell in love with it and asked could I have it as one of my projects. This organization is run by a wonderful lady called Mrs. Mizue Hara. She appears to be a mother to them but is also very strict that they keep to their end of the bargain. They must attend leadership courses and be able to converse in English.

Having lived in Jakarta over twenty-six years I’m too well aware that being bright and clever does not guarantee you further education. When I attend their gatherings I come close to tears with some of their stories. The results they achieve makes it very worthwhile sponsoring.

A question must be asked as to why these kids will fall through the cracks if organizations like Yayasan Goodwill International do not come to their rescue. Unfortunately, with sponsorship being very tight we can usually only afford five students per year. We’d love to take them all but fortunately they have all been sponsored this year.

I hope to continue with this project in the years to come. Special thanks to Mrs. Mizue Hara who makes sure that all goes smoothly.

Almost sixteen centuries ago St Patrick came to Ireland to teach and to bring wisdom to Ireland, a gift that is still with the Irish people today.

For us in the St Patrick’s Society here in Jakarta the greatest gift we can give to any other Culture or Nation is the gift of Education. For over ten years we have been proud supporters of the Leadership Development Scholarship Program and Yayasan Goodwill International, and to us the true test of our support comes when we meet those of you who have been graduates from fine schools as a result of our efforts.

We are so very proud of all of you who have worked and sacrificed to earn an education and who will be the future leaders of Indonesia.

From an outsider perspective, Indonesia is now rightfully seen as a country which desperately wants to make progress economically, ideologically and culturally. It has set itself steep targets and to achieve these goals it will need strong, diligent and well-educated people.

You are those people and we are proud of the support which we have given in the past and will continue to give in the future.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

We believe that LOVE gives soul to Yayasan Goodwill International – an entity that was started by a group of people who may not have been born in Indonesia, but love this country so much. Such a remarkable compassion for the country – not their own!

It was by chance that we found Yayasan Goodwill International 5 years ago, and we have FAITH that it is our Divine Intervention. And to support Yayasan Goodwill International is indeed our calling.

With half of the population still living under $2 per day, Yayasan Goodwill International is an ‘oasis’ that Indonesia needs, with HOPE that one day all deserving students will have chance to get higher education. As a Chinese proverb says: “Give a person a fish, you feed the person. Teach a person to fish, then the person will not only feed him/herself but can also feed others and teach others how to fish.”

It is indeed a very good idea of Yayasan Goodwill International to also emphasize “paying forward” in its program. We salute Yayasan Goodwill International for encouraging students to “pay it forward” in terms of any involvement in their batch or for the next batch [of students], while building their confidence, personality and most importantly, what this country needs – integrity.

Those who support Yayasan Goodwill International must believe how one persistent effort can change many lives. The relentless efforts put by founders and officers of Yayasan Goodwill International are the example to assure this noble journey will not end until each of the deserving students reaches his or her dream for a better life, the better lives of others, and for a better Indonesia.

To the founders and officers of Yayasan Goodwill International, thanks for being our inspiration!

To the students and sponsors, have an inspired day!

To all of us, have a great anniversary today

Hendy & Fufu Widjaja

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Pertama-tama kita panjatkan puji syukur kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa karena Museum Nasional hingga saat ini masih tetap dapat menjaga eksistensinya sebagai sebuah lembaga pelestarian warisan budaya yang bermotto “untuk kepentingan publik”. Dalam rangka menjaga kepercayaan publik tersebut kami senantiasa menjalin kerjasama yang baik dengan lembaga-lembaga pelestarian budaya maupun lembaga pendidikan, dan salah satunya dengan Yayasan Goodwill International. Suatu kehormatan bagi kami – Museum Nasional – karena selama lima tahun menjadi media penyelenggaraan Orientasi Program pemberian beasiswa pendidikan bagi para mahasiswa berprestasi. Kami pun merasa bangga dan bahagia menjadi bagian dari sejarah tumbuh kembangnya Yayasan Goodwill International.

Pada kesempatan yang baik ini kami menyampaikan “Selamat Ulang Tahun” yang ke-10 kepada Yayasan Goodwill International, semoga panjang umur dan senantiasa sukses dalam mengembangkan program-programnya, serta selalu diberkati Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa.

Akhir kata kami menyampaikan apresiasi yang sangat tinggi Kepada Yayasan Goodwill International yang telah mengembangkan program-program pendidikan maupun pelatihan kepada para mahasiswa, khususnya para mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi Negeri di Indonesia. Semoga hal ini dapat memotivasi lembaga-lembaga lain untuk melakukan hal serupa. Demikian pula kepada para mahasiswa penerima program beasiswa Yayasan Goodwill International kami menyampaikan selamat, semoga dapat memanfaatkan kesempatan dengan sebaik-baiknya sehingga dapat menjadi mahasiswa-mahasiswa dan sarjana-sarjana yang berjiwa kepemimpinan tinggi, berprestasi, penuh tanggung jawab, disiplin, dan berwawasan budaya.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dr. Retno Sulistianingsih Sitowati                                                                                 

Congratulations to Yayasan Goodwill International on the occasion of its 5th anniversary and on the commemoration of the 10th year after the establishment of the ICAC Leadership Development Scholarship Program.

Soroptimist International (SI) is a worldwide organization for women in management and professions with its mission to advance the status of women and human rights. One of SI’s objectives is to ensure equal access to education and training for women and girls throughout their lifespan. Since the start of the scholarship program, the Yayasan Goodwill International Scholarship Program has helped SI of Jakarta achieve this objective by providing the channel to sponsor some of the female students and by inviting a Soroptimist member, Julie Marsaban, to volunteer as an instructor.

We are proud of all the girls that we have sponsored and hope that we can continue to support this very worthwhile endeavor. Once again, on behalf of SI Jakarta, congratulations and best regards.

I was so pleased to hear from Mizue about the dual anniversary you are about to celebrate. I send grateful thanks to all those who donate to Yayasan Goodwill International and to the administrators who do all the organising.

I am very glad that the training course still takes place in Kinasih. I am sure that it is a great help to the students.

I think the whole programme is very worthwhile and a great credit to those who conceived the idea ten years ago. I remember with pleasure the years in which I was involved and the students with whom I was associated.

Best wishes to all the students, staff and supporters for happy celebrations on October 24th and for many years to come.

With love to you all,

Janet Hodges

I join in celebrating the anniversaries of two illustrious institutions: the Leadership Development Scholarship Program and Yayasan Goodwill International.

How lucky we are that these two fine causes have not only survived, but have also thrived. They continue to provide invaluable guidance, opportunities, and support for a talented and committed group of young scholars in Indonesia.

I salute the founders, whose vision and dedication propelled us forward. At a time of hardship and acute need, they recognized that there had to be strong efforts to assure that students will continue with their educations and fulfill their aspirations. Not only that, the founders saw that leadership training is essential to enrich the educational experience and to serve as a bridge to the realization of opportunities that otherwise might be elusive.

I also pay tribute to the staff, who have labored hard to assure that the content of the program is appropriate and that support continues to flow long past the period of acute difficulties.

And last but not least, I praise the students. They are not only the goal of our efforts, but also our means. Their enthusiasm and high level of achievement are what keeps us going!

Since Ibu Mizue first asked me to represent the Indonesian Heritage Society at the annual orientation programme for new scholarship students at the Museum Nasional, Jakarta, it has been my privilege, even in a small way, to be associated with Yayasan Goodwill International.

I was immediately impressed by the valuable work done by the Foundation and by the talent and commitment of the young students who had gained places on the programme. Later, I sat in on some of the student interviews and was both moved and heartened by the stories of so many of the candidates who had shown such determination to pursue their educational ambitions against the odds – and at the same time offer such assistance and example to their peers. These initial contacts made me determined to offer more support in the future as a Friend of Yayasan Goodwill International.

The lives of many talented young Indonesians have been changed forever by the work of the the Yayasan Goodwill International Foundation; it has made a priceless contribution to the future of the nation in terms of enabling leaders of the future to rise even from the least privileged background.

I wish Ibu Mizue and Yayasan Goodwill International all my very best wishes in this anniversary year. May their excellent work thrive for many years to come!