Alumni Goodwill Association (AGA)

At an EGM of the Trustees held in on 28th January 2011, it was agreed to form a Alumni association that would support and promote the activities of the Yayasan.

The Association was formally established in April 2011 with the following objectives

   – to raise funds for the administrative expenses of Yayasan Goodwill International
   – to help find and retain sponsors for the students in receipt of a Goodwill scholarship
   – to promote awareness of the Yayasan Goodwill in Indonesia and Internationally

A group of alumni were invited to set up and organize the setting up of AGA.  In accordance with their rules they are led by three appointed officials:

Chair:           Niko Ningsus Songko (Alumnus IPB-Foodtech ’99)
Secretary:    Muqti Ali (Alumnus UI-Law ’01)
Treasurer:   Umi Hartatik (Alumnus IPB-Agroindustrial ’03)

The Association is autonomous and is managed by a council of past students, initially invited by the Founders, in due course elected by the Alumni members. Membership will be free, and offered to past scholarship recipients.  Its initial tasks will be to relaunch this website and build the database and networking of the 600 Alumni