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Mrs Hara ‘s  message on the occasion of the Yayasan’s Tenth Anniversary is shown below


A Decade to Remember:  Transition & Continuity  

Timely encounters and a passion realized often combine to create significant transitions in our life.

It was in April 2000 when I was introduced to Catherine Weenk. Cathy had launched the Leadership Development Scholarship Program the previous year under the Community Service Department of the International Community Activity Center (ICAC), along with then Department Coordinator Sri Lienau and several other volunteers. She explained to me the purpose of the program and the motivation behind it, and then urged me to join their committee.

One morning soon afterwards, Sri invited me to meet the program’s students at the ICAC House. I was deeply impressed and inspired by the students in that moment, their smiles brimming with enthusiasm, energy and sincerity. My passion for the program took shape upon my meeting this group of future leaders who embodied all the goodness of youth.

The 1998 economic crisis that had prompted the ICAC Community Service Committee to help scholarship students to overcome their financial difficulties and work toward rebuilding Indonesia had, in turn, gradually weakened the membership infrastructure of ICAC, especially after the Bali bombing of October 2002. Many international companies that had supported ICAC since its establishment in 1975 were forced to cut down their funding of social activities; the expatriate demography changed drastically. Hence ICAC, once the most popular community center among expatriates, faced the very real possibility of closure in May 2003.

The ICAC Board of Directors met weekly to try and find ways to ensure the center’s survival and visited many potential patrons, but to no effect. All nine Board members believed passionately that ICAC should be sustained for their members. Having chaired those meetings, which were frequently heated with tireless discussions of numerous ideas and suggestions, my first encounter with ICAC’s scholarship students stayed in my mind. In the end, the Board decided that ICAC was to be maintained to provide only its counseling service for the expatriate community, and that its Community Service Department would be set up as a new entity.

While two ICAC Directors pledged to take charge of the counseling service, four others and myself committed ourselves to the establishment of a yayasan for continuing our precious scholarship program. Our effort was realized with the tremendous support of Charles Pollard, who had been sponsoring the program since its beginning. Yayasan Goodwill International was thus born in March 2004.

Yayasan Goodwill International’s establishment was just the beginning, and our challenges have been countless in terms of legalities, funding difficulties and many other aspects. However, we have met with many opportune encounters with incredibly generous people that have guided us through these past five years. It is truly overwhelming to recall each encounter, and I remain grateful to each and every one of these individuals.

As one student remarked at a Get-Together: “When there is a will, there is a way, and when there is a Goodwill, there is a good way.” It appears this has been proven, as we have been fortunate to meet with many good people along the way.

The YayasanGoodwill International Leadership Development Scholarship Program has also been blessed with the most dedicated Coordinator, Rosa Sibarani, who has been with the program since its ICAC days, and the honest and diligent Subroto. Without their selfless devotion, our program could not have run successfully.

The heart of the program is, of course, our scholarship students – 540 future leaders to date – who encountered one another through the program and who, by their own admission, have now grown into “one big Goodwill family”.

It is my wish that each student enriches this unique encounter with their passion for contributing to the betterment of life in Indonesia, and in so doing, contribute to the future health of the world.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board of the Yayasan Goodwill International Foundation, I would like to officially congratulate and hereby recognize your untiring service and dedication to the Foundation in the last ten years.

The board has recognized the hard work that you have continually put in to dealing with the challenges that the Foundation had faced in the past. Along the years, your efforts have helped many people to accomplish their endeavors and hence unlock new avenues of opportunities that may not be possible without your assistance.

However I also would like to remind you that our mission is far from being completed as future challenges are expected to be even greater. I certainly hope that you could rise to this challenge and therefore enable the Foundation to grow and further its cause to serve our community

Awalnya ditunjuk sebagai sekretaris Yayasan Goodwill Indonesia di tahun 2006, saya tidak merasa asing berkecimpung didalamnya, karena telah mengenal beberapa pengurusnya. Diantaranya adalah Ibu Sri Lienau dan Ibu Mizue Hara. Mereka aktif sebagai pimpinan di International Community Activity Center, tempat pertama kali dimana program pemberian beasiswa dicetuskan, dan saya saat itu dalam bidang pengajaran bahasa Indonesia bagi orang asing.

Scholarship Program bagi mahasiswa UI dan IPB ini, begitu menyentuh hati karena targetnya adalah memberi bantuan secara keuangan dan kursus kepemimpinan bagi mahasiswa yang benar-benar membutuhkan setelah terjadinya krisis ekonomi ditahun 1998. Program ini berjalan dengan lancar berkat adanya administrasi yang sangat baik. Peran sponsor yang dermawan dan para instruktur tidak dapat kami abaikan, karena dengan bantuannyalah tugas yang mulia yang dijalankan oleh Yayasan Goodwill International dapat berjalan dan bertahan.

Harapan saya adalah semoga keadaan yang baik ini dapat berkesinambungan, dan Goodwill tentunya akan mempertahankan kepercayaan yang diberikan.

Harapan lain adalah kepada para alumni calon pemimpin baru negara ini, semoga mereka menjadi tumpuan bagi kelanjutan bangsa dan negara, membantu pemerintah dalam mengatasi berbagai persoalan baik dalam bidang ekonomi, sosial dan politik

Mostly from what I can remember is that the birth or the transition from ICAC to this organization Yayasan Goodwill International  was quite difficult, emotional and stressful but thanks to certain people for making it possible.

It’s incredible that it is still going strong and I salute you all for the hard work everyone puts in to make it work. I think it is a fantastic idea and a big privilege for some less fortunate people to become students at well-known universities and have a chance to change their lives forever. I believe that this organization has been through some tough times and it hasn’t always been easy to find sponsors for the students but in the end it always somehow manages, finds ways and succeeds.

I therefore would like to thank to everyone who can make it all happen and for the opportunity to work for the Yayasan during the years 2003/2004 and be part of the co-founding stage. I wish you all the very best for the future and happy Anniversary! 

In February 2000, I joined the ICAC Community Service Department and started working as Assistant Coordinator to help Ibu Sri Lienau. I have been with the Leadership Development Scholarship Program since then. Now I am working with Mrs. Hara, as Coordinator.

I am very happy to be a part of Yayasan Goodwill International. There are so many people who mean a lot to me; people who have been a great inspiration, who have given me their knowledge, who have put so much trust in me and have always supported me very strongly.

Thank you very much Ibu Sri, Mrs. Hara, Mrs. Cathy, Mr. Pollard, Ibu Mien, Ibu Maria, Ibu Brigitta and Mr. Hara; also to our sponsors and instructors.

Congratulations Goodwill! I hope Goodwill exists for many more years to come.

I love you students and alumni, and wish each of you a success, happiness and good health. God bless you.