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Massive graduation ceremony at UI – August 29

University of Indonesia held a massive ceremony of graduation for 5,590 bachelors and commencement for 8,195 new students on August 29.

Goodwill saw thirty (30) students graduated, mostly with high honors or honors as well as five with cum laude.

From left, Ratih (Arabic Studies), sponsored by Ms. S. Hanasaka, Widia (Psychology) by Ms. R. Morris, Jajang (cum laude in Dutch Studies) by St. Patricks, Fitri (Public Health) by Mr. & Mrs. J. Pindo, Raden (Economics) by BIS, Vidia (Psychology) by Mr. S. Askew, Syari (Administration) by Coca-Cola/ANZA, Rika (Administration) by PT. Grandpuri, and Anton (Engineering) by Mr. S. Askew.

Sutarto (Physics), sponsored by AmCham with his proud parents who came all the way to attend the  graduation from a remote village in Central Java.

Syahara Hikmah, sponsored by  Coca-Cola/ANZA and Deni, by BWA  share the joy, both from Public Health.

Syahara Hikmah, sponsored by  Coca-Cola/ANZA and Deni, by BWA  share the joy, both from Public Health.

Refi, sponsored by AmCham, on the left graduated cum laude sits at the front seat with another representative from Engineering Faculty.

April (Administration), sponsored by Coca-Cola/ANZA.

Agus Sugiono, sponsored by Mr. S. Askew graduated cum laude from Engineering.

Syarah Debbi (Nursing), sponsored by AWA, is going to take a one-year professional training wit undergraduates from Nursing.

Fia (Psychology), sponsored by ANZA, with her proud parents.

Other Goodwill graduates who are not shown in the photos above and who graduated

Fauzan Karim

Public Health


Malika Alia Rahayu



Deny Hamdani

Industrial Engineering

PT. Grandpuri Permai

Iradianty Gazella


Fufu & Handy Widjaja

Lalita Ingerani



Melati Nur Utami

(cum laude) Psychology

CocaCola Foundation/ANZA


(cum laude) Accounting


Shanty Citra Eka



Neni Susilawati


W.& D. Roos – ANZA

Suci Rahmawati


PT. Hutchinson/ANZA

The second day of graduation was held for PhDs, Masters, Specialists and Professional graduates in total of 2,824.   

Iwan and Yayuk have successfully finished their professional training in Nursing for one year at several hospitals and institutions, and are ready to take-off on their career

We wish the UI graduates the best of luck and offer our congratulations on their great achievement!!

Orientation - August 25th

Yet again a New academic year has commenced!!

The Goodwill scholarship program held its Orientation at Museum Nasional Indonesia on August 25. In addition to the thirty-eight (38) continuing students from previous years, forty-three (43) new Goodwill scholarship students have joined the program. Having listened intensely to the speeches of guest speakers from Indonesian Heritage Society, the Jakarta Post and Goodwill alumni, they received warm welcome from their seniors, Chandra and Putri Puspita.

Chandra and Putri spoke about their experiences and rules of the extended big family of Goodwill and encouraged all the new and continuing students alike for their success in the Goodwill Leadership Development Scholarship Program.

Mrs. Rose Gan from Indonesian Heritage Society presented the Museum Nasional Guidebook to each new student while Museum kindly provided the venue and guided tours for the fifth year.

Rosa, Coordinator, explained dos and don’ts of the program with Q & A session.

With full of hopes and determinations in mind, the new Goodwill family took the first photo together.

Two Alumni marry eachother

Two of our alumni “tied a knot” and married each other on Saturday, Aug. 2nd 2208  The beautiful bride is Karin, who graduated in 2005 from IPB Management, and the handsome bridegroom is Erwin, who graduated in 2004 from UI History.   Yayasan Goodwill International International founder Sri Lienau (who was visiting Jakarta) and several Goodwill International officers and alumni attended their wedding reception

Our good wishes to you both and may you have a happy life together!!

IPB held graduation ceremony on June 11.

At IPB 6 Goodwill International students graduated on June 11th.  From the left, Mustarofah (Food Science & Technology) taken with her proud parents; in the middle Hans  (Food Science & Technology) and on the right 3 students; Heri (Physics), Fika (Forestry), Ricci (Fisheries Production Technology). Putri Puspita (Aquatic Resources Management – no photo) also joined the celebration.  Most of the students graduated with high honours and one cum laude.  Many Congratulations to you from all of us!

Get-Together II 2007-2008

The May 2008 Get together was held on May 17, 2008 at Balai Sidang, UI Depok Campus, with a large number of students, guests and sponsors attending and speaking.

Kani, studying at IPB Food Science and Technology in his 8th semester, expressed his gratitude to his sponsor PT Grandpuri Permai that their sponsorship has changed him from an ordinary student to an extraordinary guy in just 10 months time.  

Ira, soon to graduate from UI Accounting in August and sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Hendy Widjaya spoke about the support of Goodwill International family and its program that helps students increase their soft skills. She stressed that she and all her friends are the next generation of future leaders, and that the country needs their contribution.

Sutarto, graduating from UI Physics and sponsored by AmCham, delivered a speech of appreciation citing that the Goodwill International scholarships have given him many things, particularly the time; the time to study and the time to collect books for establishing a small library at his parentsʼ house for the village children. 

Mrs. Bath from ANZA provided information about various social welfare programs that ANZA has been involved with.   

Mr. Triyono from Coca-Cola Foundation started his speech by congratulating the students that they are not future leaders but already leaders, and continued that he is happy supporting the program.

Mr. Sudibyo, Deputy Director of UI Student Affairs Dept. emphasized a long established cooperation between UI and Goodwill International, and hoped for its continuation for many years to come. 

Dr. Rimbawan, Director of IPB Student Affairs Dept. praised the Goodwill International Leadership Training Program after expressing his appreciation to all the care and effort provided by Goodwill International Board and staff. Since he found beneficial results of the training upon students, he has successfully asked several other scholarship programs follow Goodwill’s lead.

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