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Kinasih Special Training on 18-19 April 2015

31 Students,  14 Committee members and 13 Alumni attended together wth Sapta Putra , Mien, Mierna and  Broto from the Yayasan. The Program ran to  schedule. The talks (Guidance on Public Speaking by  Ratu Gumelar and First Aid by Isnawan Risky) we well received, and the competitions (team building public speaking and debate competitions ) plus the creative performances made the atmosphere happy and exciting as the  students got closer to each other.   The Kinasih Committee (Chairman Michael Liong; Secretary  Dita Narvitasari )  worked hard to prepare everything. We all gave a big thank you to UI Dir. Student Affair Department Bp. Arman Nefi.

Mr W. Sunderlin's students meet with their sponsor

Pak William Sunderlin and the 10 students he sponsors met and ate together in the Koi Restaurant, Jakarta

Mrs. Retno Hendrastuti joins as Pengurus (secretary)

Effective  9 December 2014 we are pleased to welcome Mrs. Retno Hendrastuti as the new secretary (Pengurus)  of Yayasan Goodwill International.

Leadership Training course held on 14 March 2015

We started with Community  Service by Ibu Wenche Eikum the  President of Nordic Club. She talked about the similarities and differences between Norway and Indonesia in tradition, business and natural resources. Also about education system.  Students were very enthusiastic and the training was closed with a song of happy birthday ( Gratulerer med Dagen). Next we had talks on Food Safety System in Food Industry by Jan Andrian and then ” Keep Hungry Keep Foolish” by Nanang Siswanto.  Leter  Boyke Rachmanda shared his ups and downs during his study, and how business became successful in part because of some soft skills he got from Goodwill Leadership Training, which was motivation for the 40  students who attended the training session. At the break we got snacks donated by Herold Chen and Tea Pucuk ( drinks ) from Nanang’s Company.

Goodwill Students visit Coca Cola factory

The tour of the Coca Cola Plant Tour took place on on 16th January 2015.

The program ran  well. In the session Q & A the students asked  lots of questions, as they were so curious to know more about the operations and activities of the company. It was a new experience for everyone them and improved their knowledge of mass production and Industry.


Malam Apresiasi Pemberi Beasiswa UI 7 Nov 2014

Mien Wibowo attended this special evening event, representing our Yayasan and accepting on behalf of Goodwill International a special certificate recognizing an exceptional contribution to UI in giving scholarships for students for over  15 years.

Goodwill Get Together 2013 - 2014

The GET TOGETHER II 2013-2014 was held on Saturday, 10 May 2014 at  Balai Sidang in the  Universitas Indonesia

The event ran very successfully. Sponsors enjoyed meeting with their students. Mr. Stephen A Leenhouts, the Keynote speaker, delivered the topic :  “ Ethics in the Professional World “  very interestingly and clearly and there were many questions.

Instructor and Alumni Yos Dappu aslso attended.  Dita Narvitasari – UI/Law  and  Muhammad As’ad – IPB/Agriculture Technology gave speeches of Appreciation.    Isnurdiansyah – Alumnus IPB 2010 – Food Technology : spoke about her experinces in Good will and afterwards.  The Masters of Ceremony were  Anggi Maisarah UI & Ghazian Muhammad IPB. 

We were very pleased to see many sponsor attending and also to welcome Bpk. Dr Rinekso director of Student Affair form IPB and Ibu Rifelly Dewi from UI Student Affairs. They were impressed to see how nice the relationship between sponsors and their students.

Goodwill Special Training weekend 2014

Special Training weekend took place at the Villa Bukit Pinus 12-13 April 2014.

Goodwill’s Chairman Sapta Putra, and Goodwill Secretary and Administrator Mien attended the training.

There were  52 Participants and 11 Alumni. We were also pleased to welcome  Bp. Budiono from the IPB Dept.of Student Affairs: Mr. Edwin Pieroelie  who was  our Public Speaking instructor and Drg Theodorus Hedwin ( alumnus) also gave a helpful lecture

Goodwill passes 700 student graduations milestone

In the past few months we passed the 700th graduation milestone. At the time of writing Goodwill has helped 719 IPB and UI students complete their degree .


Goodwill Get Together academic year 2014

The first Goodwill Get Together of this academic year was well attended and was held on Oct 26th at Auditorium Juwono Sudarsono UI campus Depok


Sapta Putra Yadi (Chairman), Mien (Secretary), Mirna and Broto


AWA:  Mrs. Virginnia and Mrs. Lucianne | ANZA :Mrs. Mook-Shian Kwoong | BWA & St Patrick Society : Tish O’Dwyer and Nell Coshella| BIS PTA :  Mrs. Louise Kennedy, Margaret Pitman, Ria Naradate, Dea Clark | Nordic Club : Mrs. Kari M. Restad and Irene Strand Knardal | Apsari Dianing Bawono |Julie Marsaban | Mr. Daniel Horan  & Kimberly | William Sunderlin | Group I of Six Alumni : Rici | Group III of Six  alumni : Shanty Citra Eka, Christy | Group V of Six Alumni :  Denis

Goodwill Friend

Bp. Zulfayusni


Edwin Pieroelie and Family; Niko Ningsus; March Falentino


Linda Chalid ; Fandi Nurakhman ; Rusma Nailiah ; Hafiza


Ibu Megawati Simanjuntak Sp.Msi Kasubdit Kesejahteraan IPB

The key note speaker was Bp. Nanang Farid Syam

We were pleased to see Julie Marsaban (a former Chair of the Yayasan) visiting from Hobart to meet her sponsored student

Mrs Louise Kennedy, Mrs Margaret Pitman and Mrs Ria Naradate from BIS PTA are having discussion with their students

Mrs Irene and Mrs Kari Restad from Nordic Club having discussion with their students

Get Together I, Oct 26, 2013

The five best students who have achieved 50 course hours in academic year 2012-2013

Goodwill Get Together academic year 2013

Some of our sponsors

Most of the students

Get Together II on 15 June ran very successfully. Many sponsors came, and were  very impressed by our program. The keynote speaker, Mr. Steve Woodhouse gave a very interesting i lecture.  Students were excited and took picture together with him. 

Goodwill Training 2013

AmCham Young Professionals trining in July 2013

Ms Guilia Sartori, from AmCham Young Professionals interviewing Goodwiller during the in leadership training program carried out on 22 June ’13.

Get Together #1 2012-2013 – 6 October 2012 at UI.

Guest who attended: WAA – Hermie Leenhouts; ANZA : Lana Palmer, Margaret Pitman, Sarah Rees. Denise Fisher and her husband BIS PTA : Louise Kennedy, Stevani Ulrich.BWA & St. Patrick’s Society : Tish O’Dwyer; Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia : Titie Sadarini ( she gave a speech on behalf of sponsors ); AmCham : Sarah Howe, Vita Antasari; William Sunderlin ; Marylin Ardipradja;  Herold Apsari Dianing Bawono Group I, II, III, IV and V alumni

Representative from UI : Bp. Arman Nefi

Key note speaker : Mr Alfred Nakatsuma.

Alumni : Erwin Fajrin, Niko Ningsus, Slamet Riyadi came with 2 of his friends from Education Ministry, Elok Dianike Malay, Manzili Awal, Rici Ricardo, Kamalita Pertiwi, Hero Yudha, Hellda, Windu.

After an Opening Speech by our Ketua (Chairman) Pak Sapta Putra Yadi the program ran very successfully and Alfred Nakatsuma gave a very lively lecture. He talked about The Role of Indonesia Youth in the world.  Slamet Riyadi was also very proud when he shared his experience to write his book : “ Sandal Jepit “ and is good to motivate the students.

We gave certificates for students who have minimum 40 hours course in our Leadership Training for academic year 2011-2012. It was particularly pleasing to see that visitors and sponsors didn’t leave the venue even though the program finished. It seemed they really enjoyed meeting their students.

AMCHAM young professionals training session - July 2012

33 students attended (the others were absent because of doing research and practicum). The training ran very successfully and was lively since 16 Young Professionals from AmCham attended.

They were  excited and happy to give training to the students, and promised to come back again next year.

Mr Sapta Yadi is appointed Chairman of Goodwill 2012

After Julie Marsaban relocated to Australia, Mrs Mien Wibowo took the Chair at Yayasan Goodwill events. But now we are delighted to Have Mr Sapta Yadi (previously a pembina) take on this responsibility 

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