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Orientation day – August 2011

Another academic year has started and the Goodwill scholarship program held its Orientation at Museum Nasional Indonesia in August 2011 for our newest students.

In addition to the forty four (44) continuing students from previous years, forty one (41) new Goodwill scholarship students have joined the program, that’s a 50% increase on last year’s intake, and a tremendous achievement by Mien and Julie who had interview and find sponsors for all these fortunate individuals. We were fortunate to have in attendance Mr Mike Nicholson and Mrs Robyn Baker from the Indonesian Heritage Society, which generously donated 50 Museum National Guidebooks for the new students, most of whom had never visited the Museum.  A tour was kindly organized by Ibu Dedah of the Museum Nasional with the assistance of 5 Tour Guides.

This event, named the Mizue and Yasuo “Pepe” Hara Orientation Day in memory of our late Chairman and her husband,   was led by Ibu Mien, with the support Jati (an Alumni and now Goodwill’s Treasurer),  Rosa and Broto.

AMCHAM young professionals training session - July 2011

The AmCham Young Professionals’ Business Skills Training session for Yayasan Goodwill students was truly a great success!

The 47 students who attended found the whole event exhilarating and received valuable information and constructive criticisms that they can use in moving forward with their careers. This event couldn’t have happened without AmCham Indonesia’s generosity and experience. So a big thank you to them for organizing and sponsoring this great training session by 13 talented volunteers from the AmCham Young Professionals .

Our co Chair Ibu Mien participated in the event and its planning and set up of the roonm with Broto’s help.  Niko Ningsus (Chairman of the Alumni) was able to expand his network of contacts and the awareness of the new Alumni group.

Special Training Kinasih 16-17 April 2011

An annual event, the two-day Goodwill International Special Training was again held at Wisma Kinasih on Apr. 16-17 2011. Sixty students participated and nine alumni joined to help the program, while two other alumni paid a short visit in the evenings to renew friendships and spoke with the existing students.  The first day’s focus of the weekend training program is to learn and practice Public Speaking, Team Building and Communication Skills. Speaking and other competitions are held on the second day.

There was time for fun & games as well as serious study!

The committee thanked Ibu Mien, Ibu Julie, Mbak Rosa and Broto for their hard work in arranging the weekend’s events by giving them caricature photo.

This Special Training weekend where studens can practice their English and improve their work in team building, is sponsored by the Mike McGowan Memorial Fund  through AmCham Indoneisa  Thank you!

Get-Together II 2010-2011

Alisia Rahmaisni, majoring Agro industrial Technology at IPB conducted the event as MC efficiently with her ease. She was also as the MC in our Kinasih Special Training.

Denis Andreas, as a Chief of Kinasih Committee reviewed on the 10 Kinasih Special Training. On Orientation Program 2010-2011, he shared his experience to motivate new students. In his campus he was active as a Chief of Technology at Agriculture Engineering Technology Faculty.

Randi Swandaru, in his speech of appreciation and representing new Goodwill scholarship students. Randi is sponsored by Wuri and Jason Pinto and is studying at IPB Faculty of Agriculture Technology, and he joined International competition by sending his research proposal to Tokodai University in Japan. The proposal was the best 10 proposal from 17 universities. He won the Tokyotech Indonesia Commitment Award and received 10.000 yen.

Hafiza Elfira Nofitariani from UI Faculty of Nursing spoke on behalf of current students. She participated in Goodwill Get Together I, Goodwill Anniversary and Mizue Hara and Yasuo “Pepe” Hara tribute in Jakarta International School performed a traditional dance called “Tari Piring” traditional dance from West Sumatera. She is sponsored by American Women’s Association.

Maylina, representing IPB graduated in 2005 from Agriculture Faculty. She was sponsored by Mr. Steve Askew and Mr. Charles Pollard in 2004-2005. In her speech she expressed her gratitude to her sponsors. Now she is working at BASF Indonesia as Regulatory Affairs at Crop Protection Division. She also had experience one year working in Marcus Evans Singapore.

Yan Andria representing instructor, he graduated from IPB Faculty of Chemistry in 2003 and is now the Quality Control & Assurance Manager for PT Puratos Indonesia

Pak Irmansyah from IPB Student Affairs extended their appreciation to Goodwill for helping their students, not only financially, but also Development Leadership Training Program.

Sarah Howe, AmCham Indonesia Executive Director. AmCham has been sponsoring Kinasih Special Training for eight year.

Goodwill would like to appreciate to all sponsors, instructors and friends of Goodwill for attending the Get-Together II of 2010-2011. Our acknowledgment goes to Coca-Cola Foundation for soft drink donation and University of Indonesia for providing the venue.  Thank you very much to all!

Orientation - August 9 2010
The New academic year has commenced!!

The Goodwill scholarship program held its Orientation at Museum Nasional Indonesia on August 9. In addition to the sixty-five (65) continuing students from previous years, twenty-eight (28) new Goodwill scholarship students have joined the program. Having listened intensely to the speeches of guest speakers from Indonesian Heritage Society, Museum Nasional Indonesia and Goodwill alumni, they received warm welcome from their seniors, Denis Andreas and Shanty Citra Eka.

Denis Andreas and Shanty Citra Eka spoke about their experiences and rules of the extended big family of Goodwill and encouraged all the new and continuing students alike for their success in the Goodwill Leadership Development Scholarship Program.

Mrs.  Rose Gun from Indonesian Heritage Society presented the Museum Nasional Guidebook to each new student while Museum kindly provided the venue and guided tours for the sixth year.

With full of hopes and determinations in mind, the new Goodwill family took the first photo together


Yayasan Goodwill receives special donations

Recently, several Jakarta based community organizations made substantial donations towards the training, staff and operating costs of the Yayasan.

ANZA, BWA, St Patrick Society and a large corporation (which wishes to be anonymous)  made substantial one time donations, and ANZA has kindly offered financial support for a year until Yayasan Goodwill International’s sponsor base increases.

The founders, committee, alumni and current students of Yayasan Goodwill International would like to express their profound gratitude and sincere appreciation to these organizations for their help.

We also especially want to thank those individuals who, being long time supporters championed our Yayasan to their organizations, so helping to secure the financial support that will enable the Yayasan to continue its leadership programme for years to come.

Thank you from all of us.


Erwin, majoring Public Relations at UI conducted the event as MC efficiently with his ease. Erwin recently won the title of Youth Ambassador of Depok in Tourism.

Mr. Alfred Nakatsuma, USAID Director of Basic Human Services, presented his keynote speech on “Indonesia’s Inconvenient Truth”.

Kamalita, in her speech of appreciation and representing new Goodwill scholarship students emphasized the importance of food security for the future of Indonesia. Kamalita  is sponsored by St. Patrick’s Society and is studying at IPB Faculty of Food Science and Technology, and her paper “Food or Fuel: The Impact of Global Warming on Food Security in Indonesia” won the first place at the National Scientific Paper Competition in Agriculture in March 2008.   As a representative of Indonesia, Kamalita is going to attend the 5th Asian Conference on Food and Nutrition Safety to be held in Cebu, Philippines in November.

Hedwin from UI Faculty of Dentistry sent his message to his fellow Goodwill scholarship students to: find their purpose of life; always do their best; and have integrity, never cheat on exams or assignments for becoming outstanding leaders of Indonesia without corruption in the next generation. Hedwin’s sponsor is PT. Hutchinson through ANZA. 

Dyna, representing IPB newly graduates, expressed her gratitude to her sponsor, American Women’s Association and Goodwill.  By attending Goodwill Leadership Training, she stated that her horizon of knowledge has been broadened to other areas from her main study, Biology.  Her final research was on the  Science and Behavior of the Brain.   Dyna hopes to continue her study overseas by acquiring a scholarship.

Ibu Kasiyah from UI Student Affairs  and Ibu Ikeu from IPB Student Affairs extended their appreciation to Goodwill for helping their students, not only financially, but also by providing them leadership training.

Goodwill would like to appreciate to all sponsors, instructors and friends of Goodwill for attending the first Get-Together of 2008-2009. Our acknowledgment goes to Mr. Alfred Nakatsuma for his keynote speech, and University of Indonesia for providing the venue.  Thank you very much to all!

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