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The 2008 away weekend is a terrific success!!

An annual event, the two-day Goodwill International Special Training was again held at Wisma Kinasih on Apr. 12-13 2008. Sixty five students participated and six alumni joined to help the program, while four other alumni paid a short visit in the evenings to renew friendships and speak with the existing students.  The first day’s focus of the weekend training program is to learn and practice Public Speaking, Team Building and Communication Skills. Speaking and other competitions are held on the second day.

The students thanked Mrs Mizue Hara, Ibu Mien and Mbak Rosa for their hard work in arranging the weekend’s events buy presenting them a Goodwill International Clock-house bearing the Yayasan’s distinctive red roof logo.

This away weekend event is sponsored by AmCham, to whom everyone present was sincerely grateful for enabling such an effective and enjoyable training, teambuilding and peer bonding session. Thank you AmCham!

IPB Graduation taken place on Feb. 20, 2008

Four Goodwill International graduates are pictured: from the left Ika (Agronomy & Hortiulture), Umi (Agricultural Technology), Desmawarni (Agro-Industrial Technology) and Peni (Agronomy & Hortiulture). Three of them graduated cum laude. Although not showing in the photo, Dwi Yogo Ardoyo also graduated with Bachelorʼs degree in Animal Production.

Well done all of you from all of us at Goodwill International!

Yayasan Goodwill International moves to a new office - April 2008

After the lease expired on the previous office on April 1, 2008 the Yayasan moved to a new house at Jl. Pisang No. 27, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta.  The office space has been generously sponsored by Catherine Weenk (a founder of the Yayasan) and her husband Pat (far right with their family).   Prior to the move at the end of March, students organized a committee for decorating their new base. ʽSelamatanʼ was held on April 2 inviting neighbours and students from the decoration committee, where Mizue Hara, the Yayasan’s Chairman delivered  a speech of appreciation for being welcomed in the new neighbourhood and introduced our program to the local people.

UI Graduation held on Feb. 2, 2008

In the middle on the left, the newly graduated Medical Doctor, Tommy Dharmawan  is pictured with his happy & proud parents. ANZA sponsored his study for four years. Tommy has now been stationed at Halmahera. On the right, Fenny graduated cum laude with Bachelorʼs degree in Engineering within seven semesters.  Congratulations!

IPB Graduation held on Sept. 12, 2007.

The following students graduated successfully with Bachelor’s degree, most of them awarded high honours and one with cum laude. 

  1. Risky Dwijayanti – Economic & Dev. Studies
  2. Dungdang Hutapea – Economic & Dev. Studies.
  3. Denny A. Wicaksono – Food Science & Technology
  4. Yoga Pratama –  Agriculture Technology
  5. Verry Nugrahanigtyas – Nutrition
  6. Riani B. Astuti  –  Social Economic of Agriculture
  7. Wage Ratna Rohaeni –  Crop. Management

UI Graduation August 2007

On August 24, 2007, the a large group of Goodwill International’s UI students graduated successfully with a Bachelor’s degree from University of Indonesia one of the two universities having students supported by the Yayasan.  Most of our graduates were awarded high honours and several graduated cum laude.  One even achieved the highest grade amongst all UI graduates. The following UI students graduated and congratulations to you all!!!!

1    Alabanyo Brebahama – Psychology
2    Elok Dianike Malay –  Psychology
3    Harni Wijayanti –  Social Welfare
4    Nitya Citra Ayu  – Tax Administration
5    Warid Nurdiansyah  –  Public Health
6    Agus Liber Sinaga  – Mechanical Engineering
7    Andy Tirta – Metallurgy & Material
8    Arip Munttaqien – Industrial Engineering
9    Fider Tendiardi –  Natural Science
10   Husnul Khatimah – Social & Political Science
11   Ignasia Kijm – Criminology
12   Indra Onggo  – Chemical Engineering
13   Naila M. Tazkiyah – Economics
14   Nurcholis Gary Akbar – Mechanical Engineering
15   Putri Suci –  Psychology
16   R. Isnawan Risqi –  Nursing
17   Rahminitsa M.A  – Javanese Culture
18   Titis Kus Mawati – Psychology
19   Wetty Kurilla – Communication Science
20   Yayuk Hartanti  – Nursing
21   Edwin Benyamin –  Administration Science
22   Siti Badriyah (exGoodwill) – Public Health

Goodwill International Get-Together for 2007-2008

The Goodwill International Get-Together for 2007-2008 was held on Sept. 8, 2007 at the Chevron Hall, Faculty of Engineering, UI Depok Campus, for the sixty-one (61) new recipients of a Goodwill International Leadership Development Scholarship, which has since its establishment in 1999 sponsored 455 students to date helping 356 of them graduate successfully from their respect.

An alumnus keynote speaker, Nanang Siswanto graduated from IPB with Bachelorʼs degree in Forestry in 2003, addressed the audience about his path to become a successful marketing personnel at an international company in Jakarta.  Agus, another speaker gave several tips on marketing strategies, and invited students in participating to answer some marketing related questions by presenting his company products as prizes.

Julie Marsaban, one of the longstanding instructors of our Leadership Training and arepresentative of a sponsor, explaineded how her organization, Soroptimist International, Jakarta was established by Dr. Martha Tilaar.  Refi, a UI Engineering student in his 7th semester and representing Goodwill International’s students who are continuing their studies, described about his dream of producing the first Indonesian made automobile.    He used to help his father build bricks at construction sites.

An alumnus, Agus Liber talked about how he was confused when, as a new sudent from UI Engineering faculty, he was accepted by UI without tests at the same time he was selected as a national contestant to compete qt the Olympic games in the Karate Division.  Fransisca, a IPB Husbandry student in her 5th semester and representing new Goodwill International students, expressed her joy and gratitude at being among the selected scholarship recipients, and made a promise to contribute to the country through her studies and by becoming a leader in the future.  MC, Sutarto, UI Physics student in his 9th semester guided the Get Togethr program with great wit often drawing peals of laughter from the audience.

Orientation for new students 2007

Sixty-one (61) new and twenty-seven (27) continuing students gathered at the Museum Nasional in Jakarta to be briefed on the Goodwill International rules, and the philosophy of the Leadership Development Scholarship Program. They are sponsored by ten organizations and companies as well as by nine (9) individuals. Additionally, the program recently found one new organization and four (4) individual sposors who generously agreed to extended their financial support to the Program for its operations.

A new graduate from IPB, Henry tells the audience about his two year of experience as a recipient of Goodwill International scholarship.  Ratih, a continuing student at UI, speaks about the benefits f being a part of the big Goodwill International family. New students studied the Guidebook of Museum Nasional generously presented by Indonesian Heritage Society.  Many had never visited the museum before and enjoy the experience of seeing one of Indonesia’s oldest and greatest collections of historical and ethnic artifacts.

Our guest speaker, Mr. Surya Oentoro talks about Indonesiaʼs enormous potential within sea-faring industry, based on its positions as the world’s largest archipelago country.  He emphasized  and how young people with leadership qualities will be required to direct the related  seafaring businesses and organizations.

Group Photo - Orientation 2007-2008

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Scholarship recipients get financial aid & family

Sunday, April 30, 2006    A. Junaidi, The Jakarta Post, Bogor

If someday I become rich and famous, please do not hesitate to contact me,” Adam, a student in the Gas and Petrochemical Department at the University of Indonesia, said at the end of a speech he delivered in English.

Adam is one of dozens of students from UI and the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) who have received scholarships from the Goodwill International International Foundation.

The students gathered for a two-day meeting at Wisma Kinasih in Bogor, West Java, last week to get to know each other and take part in various events, including speech and debate competitions conducted in English and Indonesian.

In the English speech contest, the students expressed their appreciation for the scholarships, saying that they did not just receive money, but also built a family.

In the debate competition, several issues, such as pornography and abortion, were discussed by the participants.

One of the scholarship recipients, Tommy Dharmawan, said the foundation was helping the students improve their skills in English and leadership.

“I was once an introverted person, but now my public speaking has improved,” said Tommy, a student at the UI School of Medicine.

Tomy, who is also the chief editor of Aesculapius medical school journal, received a scholarship from the foundation three years ago. He said the leadership skills he had learned from the foundation helped get him elected as president of the UI Medical Student Association two years ago.

Another scholarship recipient, Supriyanto of the UI School of International Relations, said the foundation fostered close ties among students and sponsors.

“We are like a family. I have received scholarships from other foundations before. It’s not like here,” Supriyanto, the son of a farmer in Lampung, said.

Unlike many foundations that are usually managed by big companies, the Goodwill International International Foundation, founded by expatriates in Jakarta, obliges recipients to take part in monthly training programs covering various skills, including leadership and public speaking.

“Many of the students were previously very shy, but now they can talk openly and speak in English. We hope that the skills will help them after they graduate from their universities,” foundation member trustee and trainer Mizue Hara said.

The foundation provides one-year scholarships worth Rp 300,000 per month. On top of that, recipients also receive allowances of Rp 700,000 per semester. The scholarships can be extended depending on the needs and performance of each student.

The funds for the scholarships are donated by expatriates living in Jakarta and abroad, and several big companies operating in the country.

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