10Th Anniversary

Tenth Anniversary October 2009

Yayasan Goodwill International celebrated it’s 10th Birthday in October 2009. 

At a special event “A Decade to Remember”  held in the Balai Sidang BNI at University of Indonesia on Saturday Octobers 24th 2009 some 200 students, alumni and supporters celebrated our success and achievements.

A brochure contained messages extracted here from many people associated with the Yayasan over the first 10 years.

The Founders

Messages from the Founders

Sri Lienau  –  Founder

The idea of our Scholarship and Leadership Development Training Program came during financial crisis in Indonesia. At that time, our future leaders, the university students passionately demonstrating against Suharto’s regime in the struggle for true democracy. I knew they were struggling on many levels; including facing the possibility of having to drop out of school due to finances. We had to do something.

As the Community Services Coordinator at ICAC or International Community of Activity Center, I initiated our scholarship program with the support of many generous people, especially Mrs. Cathy Weenk. We are very fortunate that with the support of Mr. Charles Pollard and many others, this program still continues under Yayasan Goodwill International, chaired by Mrs. Mizue Hara.

We all wish to see the participants in our program reach their dreams, to be successful, productive, leaders, and members within the community. But what does being successful mean? Many see it as owning wealth and holding a high position in society. However, I look at it differently.

I regard being successful as being a productive, and meaningful contributor in the community– regardless of the field you are in, or your level of income. Therefore, don’t you ever feel that you are “nothing” if you don’t have a high position or income. Just do your best wherever you are, even if at the present time you may not be where you wanted to be. Keep trying; make the best of any situation you are in and learn from experience. Life is a continuous journey with many lessons to learn along the way. Take advantage of the opportunity to develop yourself.

As good leaders, you are examples to others. Be strong like evergreen trees, which can be seen towering from a long distance. Stand strong, even after being lashed by a rainstorm. Have the confidence and be calm in any situation. Be just, and make your decisions based on what is best for the greater good. Examine issues from different perspectives. Listen to different opinions; not only from those who agree with you, but especially from those who do not. Discuss the similarities and work from there to achieve an agreement. Develop the ability to communicate with all kinds of people with different backgrounds with the same respect. Keep your honor and dignity. Never sell out and let your idealism be thwarted by the promise of materialism. Nothing and no one is perfect, but make efforts to reach perfection. Don’t forget to return to society what you have received, with love.

To our sponsors, instructors and other supporters. Words are not enough to express our appreciation. We can only say “Thank You, and Stay Blessed”.

Catherine Weenk – Founder / Pat Boot – Sponsor

It is both a privilege and an honor for both Pat and I to be working with so many talented and dedicated people associated with Yayasan Goodwill International. The commitment, energy and strength from you – the students is both humbling and inspiring. Each and every one of you has overcome personal struggles and challenges and in doing so have reached new heights of personal success.

We are very proud of you and you should take a lot of pride in yourselves for what you have accomplished and for what is yet to be! 

To our team of founders Sri and Charles – you are both people who make it your priority to improve the lives of others. We are forever grateful for the outstanding leadership you have shown and continue to demonstrate as exemplary role models for us all. We would also like to acknowledge the passionate and dedicated work of BunBun who also is among the team of founders and her contribution is much appreciated.

The operating team we have at Yayasan Goodwill International is amazing. It is this team of people led by Mizue, our Chairman, that shares the passion and commitment and vision of the Founders and have created the Scholarship program that is so successful today. Our Deepest gratitude goes to Mizue, Rosa, Mien, Broto, Maria and Brigitta.

And last but not least to our sponsors, trainers and University educators that continue to support the program with financial support and time. Your support to our program is invaluable and we will work hard to continue to earn your support!

To the Yayasan Goodwill International alumni, we call on you now to return the “goodwill”. It is the obligation of each and every one of you to contribute to the organization that has given you wings and allowed you to reach for your dreams. In doing so, you will allow others that follow you to fulfill their destiny and nothing can be more rewarding than this.

In closing we would like to leave you with these final thoughts:

Remember to live the life that you imagine and be all that you can be.

Remember to make the lives of others better than what you see.

For you have the power, the courage, the support and the drive.

Now it’s up to you to make your goals and the dreams of others come alive.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Catherine Weenk & Pat Boot

Charles Pollard – Founder

To me, the program is not just about financial support for academic study. It’s also about developing leadership skills. These skills are not confined to Presidents. Everyday, we all need leadership skills, if only to pick the right people to do a task, and then let them do it. Leadership is about saying “we” not “I”. Effective leaders think “we” – they don’t think “I”. They accept the responsibility, but it’s “we” who get the credit. That is what creates trust from their team members. That is what enables them to get the task done.

In Indonesia, which is now starting to change, it is those who lead who will prosper, succeed and contribute most.  Indonesia needs young leaders.
 I thank the hundreds of sponsors, supporters, helpers, administrators, managers, tutors, leaders, alumni and students involved over the last 10 years without whom our excellent program would not exist.