The Scholarship Programme - continued

The Leadership Training Program

It is the leadership training schedule that makes a Yayasan Goodwill International scholarship different from others.


It is also the part of the programme that Alumni report that they found to be most helpful after graduating, when they were starting their careers and searching for jobs.


Yayasan Goodwill International provides 60 course hours of Leadership Training per year on various topics for helping students realize their potential to become true leaders in future. Students must attend at least 40 course hours. Instructors are all volunteers who contribute their time to share their professional expertise for future leaders.


The Modules generally public speaking, CV writing, job searching, interviewing, team building, leadership styles, business English, and participating in a business game, and are delivered by a group of experienced and knowledgeable volunteer tutors. Many of the most highly motivated students put the skills they learn to immediate use, winning University or even National Student competitions.  A few are  awarded rare one-off scholarships for short study tours to Singapore, Australia & the USA.   Most find jobs quickly, in itself a considerable achievement given local economic conditions, and all agree that the Leadership training is a big factor in their success rate.