The Scholarship Programme


The standard annual donation needed to sponsor one student is around 6,900,000 rupiah.  Sponsors are asked to make payment  to Yayasan Goodwill International during June and July, ready for us to start funding the student at the start of term time, orientation and training in August.  This is enough to pay: 

  • the University  - for onr year's tuition fees;

  • the Student  - a monthly allowance which must cover their books, materials, food, accommodation, use of computers, and transportation to classes; 

  • the Yayasan - for its cost of administering of the scheme for that student and providing them leadership training



Yayasan Goodwill International scholarship winners are chosen by virtue only of their need and merit. They are a mix of male & female; are aged between 19 and 23; are drawn from the Moslem, Christian and other religions; and are studying in various faculties.   To be considered for a Yayasan Goodwill International scholarship award each student:

  • must be recommended by their University;

  • must have strong academic records;

  • must demonstrate leadership qualities & potential;

  • must have served their local community or worked to support themselves;

  • must need outside financial support if they are to complete their studies.  



Firstly, all applicants have to submit their application to their student affairs department, who will check and give the University's  approval of the application.


Secondly, they must answer a detailed questionnaire on their personal circumstances and those of their family.   Independent proof has to be provided (such as recent utility bills, and a confirmatory statement from their local headman) of their assertions that they are in financial need.  These declarations are carefully checked by experienced local Yayasan Goodwill staff.


Thirdly, applicants are asked to make a written submission on topics designed to bring out their qualities, qualifications and achievements. They also have to write and submit 3 separate essays in English on leadership related topics.  As a result of these 3 filters, the most able and needy are identified, and the pool of candidates drops by 50%.


Finally, using all the information collected they attend an interview in Jakarta by a panel of Indonesians and expatriates.  Having reached the interview stage, most have established their capabilities and worthiness, and will receive a scholarship.  The interviews allows them to be grouped them in order of need and potential. The committee then uses its best efforts to find or allocate a sponsor for each of them. To date, all students who have reached the interview stage have been sponsored.


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